Project Runtime

The project has an overall runtime of 36 months. It consists of 6 work packages with 18 deliverables.

Funding Agency

The DIESEL project is approved by EUROSTARS-2 / EUREKA under the Subject: E!9367 DIESEL and Reference: 9367/12/20438/Ae. Each partner is funded by his local agency.


Our project is carried out by one research institution and two industry partners.


Distributed Search in Large Enterprise Data
Federated and scalable approach to search large enterprise data.

DIESEL will develop a novel scalable approach to enable search through distributed linked data. Based on the natural language input DIESEL will understand the semantics of the question and convert the search into a federated search over the large enterprise data. The result of the federated search queries will be converted into a comprehensive answer. THe aim of the research project is to enhance the efficiency, reduce costs and improve the decision making process through a holistic answer based on the large enterprise data that has been queried.

  • 3 Research Partners

    zazuko GmbH, University Leipzig, metaphacts GmbH

  • Project Runtime

    The overall project runtime is 36 months.

  • Number of Deliverables

    Within the 36 months we have a set of deliverables

  • Project Achievement

    Actual view on project achievement in percent

Research Partners

Participants in the DIESEL research projects
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metaphacts GmbH

Project Coordinator
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Zazuko GmbH

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University Leipzig – AKSW Group.

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