Archive Linked Open Data (aLOD)

Since autumn 2014 the Swiss Federal archive and the archives of four cantons (Basel, Geneva, Neuch√Ętel, Valais) run a common platform and SPARQL endpoint called aLOD, where they experiment with providing archival data as Linked Data.

The goal of the prototype is to understand the requirements and opportunities of providing archival information as Linked Data. The primary goals of the prototype are:

  • explore opportunities of Linked Data for archives
  • understand the technical requirements for creating and providing Linked Data
  • develop best practices for publishing archival data as Linked Data
  • test the value of integrating data about related topics from multiple, decentralized sources
  • with a clear focus on improving ease of access for the users of these archives
  • share the know-how with other archives worldwide

Zazuko was chosen as technical partner for this project. Within the DIESEL projects various components are used to interlink aLOD data with reference data sets.

  • Named Entity Recognition: Federated knOwledge eXtraction Framework FOX
  • Enity linking: LInk discovery framework for MEtric Spaces LIMES
  • The upcoming SPARQL Query Federation Suite QUETSAL for distributed search

Archival records are accessed using the powerful HTML5 based search interface Zack, available as Open Source Software at Github

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