Diesel Kick-Off – 22 September 2015


In this meeting we aim to communicate general project goals, present the infrastructure prepared for the project management, and establish the initial tasks for the coming 6 months. Each WP leader will present his work package, summarising the main objectives, and define the list of activities for the coming months.

The DIESEL Kick-off meeting will be held at the Ontos AG at Mittelstrasse 24, 2560 Nidau, Switzerland.


  • ULEI (3): Axel, Ricardo, Michael
  • Metaphacts (2): Peter, Artem
  • Ontos (3): Alejandra, Jonas, Daniel


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Best Western Continental (website)
Exit back of Biel train station (3 min walk) and 10 min walk to the Ontos office.
Has also free parking for cars

Lago Lodge (website)
Exit back of Biel train station (4-5 min walk) and 8 min walk to the Ontos office.


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