Wikidata as the Entity Hub

The Wikidata knowledge base is a comprehensive large-scale public data source providing entity descriptions for more than 26 million entities covering multiple domains. Wikidata develops more and more
towards a hub of identifiers for any kind of entities that enables the interlinking between disparate sources. In this context, we focus on using Wikidata to support enterprise search by enriching, contextualizing, and integrating enterprise data with an open knowledge graph. Our activities in the project concentrate on extending the metaphactory knowledge management platform to support efficient hybrid enterprise search over distributed heterogeneous interlinked data sources. To this end, we develop the structured search functionality enabling the user to express complex hybrid information needs. These hybrid information needs are expressed using SPARQL queries and processed using a hybrid SPARQL query federation engine and a range of supporting services.

metaphacts is a technical partner in this project and delivers the following functionalities:

  • metaphactory knowledge management platform with structured semantic search capabilities.
  • Ephedra SPARQL query federation engine aimed at processing hybrid federated SPARQL combining information from distributed data sources and services.
  • Services enabling enterprise search, including support for different data modalities (full-text search, geospatial search) as well as data processing techniques (e.g., machine learning).
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